Friday, 13 October 2017

Day 3

Our last day of activities involved some bushcraft outdoors. We gathered around the fire in groups and had the opportunity to toast some dough to make bread. It was quite a challenge because we had to be patient while we were waiting for the dough to roast - an important lesson for us all! However, our perseverance was rewarded as the the bread was very tasty! 🍞 

Our bags are packed and we're ready to go. Hoping we have a speedier journey back to school. We're looking forward to seeing you all soon! 😄 

Rise and shine 🎆

We had another early start today in time for our last lovely cooked breakfast. After breakfast the teachers presented some awards to pupils they felt had really stood out over the last few days. As a year group, all the girls have been wonderful and a pleasure to have on the trip, however there were a few that went above and beyond the rest. The awards included best technical skills from each activity group, bravest, best manners, quietest room, tidiest room, best table and most cheerful girl. 

Congratulations to all of our exceptional award winners!! 🏅

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Night 2

We had a lovely, relaxed evening following our busy day outside. We enjoyed cottage pie, sticky chicken 🍗 and macaroni cheese for dinner - delicious! 

We then had the opportunity to get crafty and create some cards to say thank you to the wonderful staff at Patterdale who have 
looked after, cared for and feed us so well over the last few days. We watched the rest of our film together in our pjs then had an early night to get ready for our last morning of activities before we head back to Stanfield in the afternoon. 

Good night and sweet dreams to all! 😇

Day 2

Day 2

Our day got off to an adventurous start with some hiking followed by some rock climbing. It was a wet and muddy hike to the top but the views were incredible when we finally reached the peak. We put on our safety gear including a helmet and a harness to ensure we were always protected during our activities. The instructors showed us how to use the ropes and equipment to help us reach the top of the rock face and how to come down safely. We even had the chance to play some games while scaling the rocks! ⛰

Everyone had a fantastic time, including the instructors who were very impressed with our bravery, determination and skills. It was tough work but everyone managed to climb as far as they could. Well done to all the girls who took part today! 

Gooood morning!

We're up bright and early and ready for another day of action-packed activities. We've had a lovely cooked breakfast to set up us for the day. We're starting the day with canoeing, climbing and a rope course. Looks like it will be a drier day too so we're feeling hopeful for some sunshine while we do our activities ☀️ We will check back in at lunch time!